Can a Proxy Server Hide Your IP Address?

IP Address

The article you are currently reading is in an online environment, just like anything else. Almost every aspect of our lives has taken its digital form; thanks to the internet, we can complete everyday tasks effortlessly and enjoy all the advantages the online world offers.

However, since internet usage is so widespread, we are confronting a massive problem regarding our security. Since more and more people are using the internet regularly, most of us are prone to becoming victims of cybercrime. Due to this problem, we are looking for tools to protect us online.

Proxies are some of the most efficient tools you can find nowadays. With that said, let’s see what proxy servers are and how they can ensure anonymity on the internet.

What is a proxy server?

A proxy server is an intermediate between you and the hosting servers of the websites you visit. We can think of proxy servers as machines that stand between you and everything else on the internet while redirecting your data to another safe place. We can never be too secure on the internet. Luckily, with the help of proxies, we can be worry-free while surfing the net.

Proxies are closely related to IP (Internet Protocol) addresses because these internet locations are the most vulnerable. When a cybercriminal accesses your virtual address (think of it as your internet home), they can steal all your data without you even noticing.

There are currently various types of proxies on the market; you should choose the one that fits your needs best. However, they have one thing in common: all proxy servers will protect your devices from cyberattacks and will clear unnecessary traffic from your device.

You can hide your virtual address using a proxy server to protect yourself from cyberattacks. Let’s see how proxies ensure anonymity on the internet.

Proxies and anonymity

As we have already mentioned, proxies can successfully hide your IP address. The way proxies function is that they will give you a new internet location (or a new IP address).

A proxy server will store your data away from your original location, so no one can suspect where your internet residence is. You will virtually move away from your home address while still living in your internet home.

All proxy servers function in the same way. However, not all proxies give the same amount of security and anonymity on the internet. Depending on the type of proxy you use, you can be completely anonymous or not anonymous at all.

A proxy server can provide three levels of anonymity.

Level 3 – Transparent proxies

As the name suggests, transparent proxies aren’t anonymous. These proxies will reveal your IP address to other parties on the internet. With that said, these proxy servers aren’t the most reliable to use if you want to provide your devices with cybersecurity.

Transparent proxies usually help a particular community (such as office workers) communicate more efficiently. They can remove unnecessary traffic and provide a faster internet connection. However, if you are worried about your protection on the internet, you should skip Level 3 proxy servers.

Level 2 – Anonymous proxies

Level 2 anonymity will hide your internet location from other users, making you undetectable while browsing the internet. However, these proxy servers may reveal that you are using a proxy and that the IP address you connect to isn’t your original internet location.

These proxies are more likely to get detected and blocked since the internet users will know that you are using a proxy server but will still provide solid device protection. If you want to protect your device on a budget, Level 2 proxies are a suitable choice.

Level 1 – Elite proxies

The most “elite” of all, level 1 proxies are the most secure options on the market. These proxies will not only hide your online identity but also conceal the fact that you are using a proxy server. No one will notice that you are hiding behind a curtain since you will appear as a regular internet user.

These proxies are the least likely to be detected and blocked, implying that you can use them undisturbed. If you want to be completely anonymous on the internet and ensure that no one will hack into your device, we recommend using a Level 1 proxy server.


Cybersecurity is one of the burning topics when it comes to the online community. Many people are concerned with protecting their data, so they are looking for solutions to hide their online activity and protect their identity.

Proxies are the best tools to search the web anonymously, but you should know that proxy servers have different anonymity levels. You can determine the best one according to your needs and browse the web safely.