2 types of typical bets and differences to know


When participating in football betting, players will not be unfamiliar with 2 phrases: 1×2 betting and Handicap rafters. But understanding the difference between them is not something that can be done overnight. So in order to help new players, this article on a betting guide will help you point out the basic difference between these two types of bets on this site https://22bet.com.gh/line/tennis.

Difference in nature

The first and also the most basic difference between the 2 types of 1×2 and Handicap bets lies in their very nature. Basically, 1×2 bets only allow players to choose 1 out of 3 possible outcomes: win, draw, or lose, equivalent to the 1×2 symbol. Where “1” is the team you choose to win, “X” is the team you choose to draw, and “2” is the team you choose to lose. The result of winning or losing the match will determine whether you win the bet or not. In contrast, in Handicap, there is a handicap that sometimes the team you choose wins but you probably won the bet, or the team you choose must receive a loss result but you can still win the bet.

In a word, the first and most basic difference between 1×2 and Handicap when betting on football is that 1×2 does not have a handicap and handicap does. This handicap can cause the actual outcome of the match to differ from the outcome of the bet you choose to pay down.

Differences in meal rates

The difference in the rate of food is an equally basic difference between the 2 types of 1×2 rafters, Handicap. For Handicap, the payout ratio is always below 1.0. That is, your winnings never exceed the amount you bet. Normally, whether you choose the lower or upper door, the maximum amount of money is only 0.99 (ie, from 100 to 99). In many cases, the food rate on Handicap rafters is still very low, such as 0.3, 0.2…

In contrast, in 1×2 betting, football bookmakers often offer a payout above 1.0. That is, your winnings will most likely exceed your bets. Usually, when you choose the top team, the bonus will fluctuate between 1.4, 1.6. But when you choose the bottom team or a tie, the payout can be up to 2, 3, or 4 times the bet amount.

Which type of bet is easier to make money with?

Above are the 2 most basic differences of 1×2 and Handicap rafters. But when we know this, we will have the question of whether, in the process of football betting, which of these two types of rafters makes it easier to make money? The answer that is usually received will be that each type has different advantages and disadvantages, which type is easier to make money.

It sounds reasonable, but in fact, if you are a new player or want to make money from football, it is best to choose 1×2. With my experience, we believe that 1×2 is fertile land that players can make money from. In contrast, Handicap is more attractive but much more difficult to predict compared to 1×2. So be careful if you want to make money from football betting sites.